(c) Copyright 2014 - 2016 Mark S. Cane, all rights reserved.


(c) 2015 Mark S. Cane.  All rights reserved.


The great Earthquake, 1/23/17 Tsunami and 1/19/17 OBAMA KILLING more than MURDER - a planned ASSASSINATION will give us President Biden.  This is the first painful step on the path to war in the midst of great geological changes, including volcanic eruptions.

 Those that have read and understand my book NOSTRADAMUS MAGNIFIED, know that natural disasters, assassinations, rioting,  looting, civil war, financial collapse and World War are fast approaching.    Your preparation is all important for the survival of yourself and your family. 

  In his prophecies, Nostradamus revealed that most people will not believe these warnings - until the Great War is upon them.  That will be too late to prepare a safe place and up to eight years of food and other essential supplies.

  There will be some, that have taken the Holy Spirit for their guide, that will heed these warnings.  This website is dedicated to those wise ones, that will need information on what to do, where to go, how to prepare every needful thing.

  There has never been a war like the one we are facing. Cities will be abandoned for fear of nuclear attack.   Millions of people, that  were once supported by a sophisticated financial system, will wander looking for food, clothing, shelter, and so forth.

 Looters, and warlords will raid the farms, disrupting the cultivation of crops.  These disruptions will cause a great famine, that will last for years.  

  Only those that have prepared, and found a safe place to rebuild, will survive the years of want.  The population of the United States will again reflect the census of the mid-nineteenth century

 For more information, go to the "Prepare Through Knowledge," link below, and click on it.  That page will teach you the basics of what you need to know and do to survive the coming troubles.


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Alert - Great Earthquake!  Damaging tsunami at Southern California and coast January 23rd, 2017 - including volcanic eruptions...



 Alert - President Obama in danger January 18th - 19th, 2017.






A caring President that Nostradamus described as, "sovereign in the realm with goodness."
















But not everyone is pleased...

1/19/17 the great one falls..

Pope Francis is in the mix...

The Obama assassination will give us President Biden.  This is the first painful step on the path to war.



















A large segment of the population will show their displeasure.



                                                                        People take to the streets...



A blast from the past.  Someone unexpected shows up...

A great quake in the ocean will send a tsunami with little warning...


1/23/17 - The Pacific Ocean great Tsunami.




Only those that have heeded the warnings and moved away in advance from the coastal areas will escape the fury of the water...

And there will be other concerns.



Great earthquakes in the sea and on the land cause terrible destruction.

The Angels and St. Iago must prepare.


Golden State beware,

Get the Marine boots outta there.


Volcanic eruptions - Ash and rain combine for a torrential mudflow...


Watch the mountains,

The river brings their fountains.


                                                   Because off-white slopes become Dante's Inferno...

The coast will be flooded.

Many who lingered will drown.








The river will bring sulfur flood.






It is the Ash Tree city that must prepare,

Led by the engin who will Swear.


Some cities will be isolated from politics and law by earthquakes and floods, thus lawlessness is rampant...











 The most expensive natural disasters in history will require astronomical amounts of money for rebuilding...










                                                  Creditors will lose confidence in the faith and credit of the US



Find out what our near future will be...


Take a look at our future,

and learn how to survive and thrive.